Lockout of the House

As a certified, insured, and registered car and home lockout service provider, you can count on us when you need a fast, on-demand lock pick service to open any master lock, door lock, or deadbolt lock here in Santa Rosa.

Our residential locksmiths have the skills, experience, and equipment needed to deal with any call, day or night. We can unlock house locks using various non-destructive methods that leave your lock damage-free, including creating new keys through decoding. Or, if you’ve locked your keys inside your home, we can quickly open your lock for you.

Getting locked out of the house is never a good thing. Maybe you just went outside in the morning to get the newspaper, and the door closed automatically behind you. Or, in worse situations, it is late at night, and your lost keys are nowhere to be found.

The worst feeling is when you prowl around your home like a thief trying to find an open window or an entry point so that the whole neighborhood is under the impression you are a burglar, not realizing, of course, that it is your house!

At Keyss Locksmith, we offer you a 24/7 house lockout service and 24-hour car lockout services to be at your service when you need us the most.